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A Family-Owned Business Dedicated to Providing Trustworthy Service and Reliable Performance

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At Levinson Athletics, we understand the importance of reliability and performance. When working with Athletic Directors, Coaches, Equipment Managers, and Boosters, we understand what it takes for you to get what your programs needs. This allows for a simple and straight-forward partnership that gives you the piece of mind that the job is taken care of.

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The Team

Levinson Athletics was established by Matt Levinson, a lifetime sports fan and sport facility contractor. We are a family owned business with over 15 years of dedication helping coaches, A.D.s, and booster Clubs realize their sport facility goals.

Levinson Athletics go above and beyond to make your experience a professional one. We strive to make your facilities reflect the pride of those who play on it and the fans who come to be in it.

Team Players

Matt Levinson
Owner - Sales - Facilities

Yearly Triple Crown winner - Leads the team in phone calls, texts and emails recieved

Conor White
Lead Tech - Warehouse

The Ultimate Utility Player - Can regularly be found playing multiple positions at any given time.

Taylor Levinson
Operations  - Administrator

Levinson Athletics "Front office" - The head honcho upstairs.

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